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WELCOME! LiveSight Target Systems is a company created by law enforcement professionals for law enforcement professionals and branches of the military. Our line of products stand to revolutionize the firearms training industry utilizing 3D imaging and custom made protective 3D shooting glasses. The Livesight 3D targets bring shooting situations to life using technology popularized by movie studios in the 1950's. 3D anaglyphs transform regular targets into interactive experiences that ensure the most realistic training currently available. LiveSight uses this anaglyph technology to add another dimension to the firearms training industry!
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With over 60 years combined law enforcement experience, our founders created these products for two significant reasons.

First, the time had come to design a significantly better targeting system by incorporating features that are based on lifelike situations, that are easier to use and meet advanced training requirements. Second, it was time to create and implement a better and more advanced tactical strategy both for the users’ safety and to reduce vicarious liability issues in today's litigious society.

The fact is that law enforcement and military training has changed significantly in the recent years. They seek alternative targeting methods that will provide realistic training according to today’s higher standards in a cost effective and time saving manner. With the most life like targets in the industry our products allow the shooter to utilize their own weapon of choice with live ammunition or in conjunction with simulated ammunitions that are used with real weapons not computer animated video type equipment. We can ignore the new trends of advanced training systems or we can use them to our tactical life saving advantage.

Please note that LiveSight products are only available to law enforcement agencies, active law enforcement personnel, branches of the armed forces and active armed forces military personnel. When ordering products we will only accept payment in the form of department/agency purchase order, department/agency check, or department/agency credit card. If active duty law enforcement or active military personnel wish to order for their own use we will require proof of service and/or duty assignment.

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"LiveSight Target Systems receives full product endorsement from Lt.Col.Dave Grossman"

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